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Hats off to death-defying acrobats inspired by Peaky Blinders


Everyone knows that Birmingham’s favourite bad boys are the Peaky Blinders. This infamous gang from Small Heath has recently been inspiring two acrobats with a comparable taste for danger.


Instead of dark horses and fast cars, Nikolai and Ivan are dicing with death in a very different way. These Bulgarian best friends are part of the talented troupe at Circus Funtasia. They perform the ‘Wheel of Death’ a terrifying rotating metal wheel which is hoisted into the air for the acrobats to leap and somersault across.

“Tommy Shelby is iconic,” explains Ivan, as he adjusts his flat cap. With sharp suits and pocket watches, the duo really do look the part. “The Peaky Blinders are always taking risks, just like ourselves. We wanted to bring a bit of that into our show.”


Circus Funtasia has gained a reputation for world-class stunts over the last few years, and 2019 is no exception. An eye-popping performance by these Shelby brother lookalikes leaves the audience with plenty of heart-in-mouth moments.

“Even on the most dangerous stunts, we have to stay calm,” says Nikolai. “Your heart is racing but your mind is steady, in the heat of the moment you keep under control.”

Circus Funtasia is back on Pelsall Common for the third year in a row and its new show is bigger and better than ever. Performances run from Wednesday 5th until Saturday 8th June and include high-flying aerialists, flame-throwing fire-eaters, and 360-degree motorcycle stunts.

There’s also fire-juggling, hula-hooping, and aerialists who drop spectacular heights from the roof of the Big Top. Plus, the UK’s only female ‘sky-walker’ defies gravity as she steps bravely across the clouds.

There are also hilarious spoof fight scenes inspired by the Peaky Blinders, enacted by the ever-popular character ‘The Geek’. A cross between Lee Evans and Freddie Mercury, he enchants the younger members of the audience while still making grown-ups laugh out loud.


This ninety-minute show certainly packs a punch – and proves that the circus isn’t just for kids.

For full details and to buy tickets for Circus Funtasia visit www.circusfuntasia.co.uk or call the Box Office on 07706168507. On opening night all seats are £7, and further deals are available throughout the week.

Look out for the cheeky Cirque du Vulgar on Saturday nights too, when the cast don their risqué outfits and perform an entirely different show for over 18s only. Details from www.cirquevulgar.com



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