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The Defibrillator at St Peters Church in Bloxwich that was funded by the local people and The Rotary Club was stolen during early hours of this morning,

Several years ago the unit cost over £1,000 to install and was waiting to save someone life now not only the unit been stolen, the low life scums have now potentially stolen someone life away that may need it in the future.

A Spokesman from The Rotary Club Had this to say. “ We’re sad to report that the defibrillator jointly funded by us and other local people has been vandalised/stolen from it’s location at St. Peter’s Church in Bloxwich.

Words fail us as to why anyone would do this, but let’s hope those responsible don’t find they need the use of it anytime soon.

This selfish and mindless act could cost lives.

Funding a unit is not cheap – it cost around £1,000 several years ago, and even if we are able to raise funds to replace it will impact on other things we can do in the town.
If anyone does have any information on who did this please feel free to contact us in confidence.

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